Our Special Touches

Special Touches @ The Left Bank Village: We will put two ornate and decorative antique vases on your top table! Will will half fill them both with water. Perfect for putting the Bridal Bouquet and the Maid of Honour’s bouquet in! We will also fill our old-fashioned dainty wooden flower baskets full of flowers for you and position it somewhere perfect to add to the brightness of your day!

Special Touches

Special Touches

Row, Row, Row Your Boat….

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…

We are so excited! For all you bride and grooms that were getting excited about arriving or leaving your wedding by traditional rowing boat… here’s the rowing boat!! We’ve made this incredible purchase, and we can’t wait to get it on the river! When it’s not in the river, it is going to be used as a decorative installation on the Wye Terrace, covered in a beautiful flower garland made by Hellie, a local floral designer.