Making the Most of the River

Making the most of the river - Getting married at The Left Bank Village

If being on the riverside is what attracted you to getting married at The Left Bank Village, make sure you make the most of it. Here’s some ideas for how you can take advantage of the beautiful River Wye being right under your nose..

Arrive by Rowing Boat

If you are having your ceremony at The Left Bank Village, why not make your aisle entrance a bit longer? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the first moment your husband-to-be claps eyes on you, you are being rowed up the river on a rowing boat? You’ll make your way down river towards The Left Bank and under the Old Bridge much to your guests delight, and then moor at The Left Bank.

Alternatively if you are not having your ceremony at The Left Bank, but instead are having a ceremony at a church, at the end of the ceremony, you are your new groom to head to the rowing club to board The Left Bank Village rowing boat and arrive to your wedding reception together. Even better, make it a surprise for your guests!

The Terraces 

Every floor of The Left Bank has it’s own terrace, so you are your guests can soak up the sun and river breeze. Make the most of the whole building, by using different floors for different parts of your day. You could even have your wedding ceremony up on the roof terrace, under the festoon lighting and say your vows with the best view of the river and Cathedral in the backdrop of the photos. Did you know, you can even throw your bouquet off one balcony onto the other!

Old Bridge Photo

For the ultimate group photo, at the end of your ceremony, you can walk through a confetti walkway out of the front of The Left Bank and lead the way onto the Old Bridge followed by your guests for a group photo, with the De Koffie Pot, The Cathedral and of course the river in the background. Not only does it make for an iconic wedding photograph, you’ll have great fun doing it!