Wedding Package Marie Antoinette Hereford


♥     Ceremony in the Bridge Room     

♥     Drinks Reception on the River Terrace Balcony (or upgrade to a drinks reception in Charles’ Bar    ♥

♥     Meal in the River Terrace Ball Room     ♥

     Disco in the River Terrace Ball Room or in the Bridge Room     


The Bridge Room is Elegant with calm and simple tones, perfect for putting your stamp on it.

The River-Terrace Ball Room is decorated in Pastels. Can you imagine yourself in a crown and over-sized dress saying ‘Let them eat cake!’? If so, we have the perfect space for your meal. It’s about Exaggeration and powdery pastel prim-ness! Multi-coloured chandliers made from ribbons and Faux-Flowers hang from the Ball Room ceiling. The pillars are marbled and Decorative Bows are hand-painted above the windows overlooking the river. One wall has a dramatic period style Mural, incorporating French hanging mirrors. And the bar is an opal colour with Hand-Carved wedding ribbons on it.