Photo Opportunities

There are lots of awesome photo opportunities at The Left Bank Village – in fact we recommend that you and your photographer come together to the venue before your wedding day to suss them all out! Pictured below is our vintage wedding pedal-cab. Park yourself on this for a quirky photo. Here are just some of the other spots at The Left Bank Village where you might like to have photos…

  • Ground photos on the circular balcony on the river terrace.
  • Throwing your bouquet off the festive multi-coloured bandstand.
  • Group photo on the Old Bridge with all your guests!
  • Up the quaint and charming cobbled Gwynne Street, leading up to the Cathedral.

My Favourite Bit!

My name is Natalia and I am one of the wedding coordinators at The Left Bank Village. I thought I’d share with you the bit of our weddings that I like the best! Some brides decide to have a photo with all their guests on the Old Bridge and I absolutely love it when they do! It tends to be just after the ceremony is finished. Bride and Groom will walk back up the aisle and then go to a ‘secret hiding place’ for just a moment. Then some helpful groomsmen shuffle all the guests out of the main entrance where they form lines either side of the slope. Then our PA man moves the speaker outside and we replay the Bride and Groom’s exit song! Then the happy couple come back out, walk through a beautiful shower of confetti and lead their way onto the Old Bridge for a group photo! It is a brilliant moment everytime and occasionally when I’m really lucky I get to stop the traffic!

Our Special Touches

Special Touches @ The Left Bank Village: We will put two ornate and decorative antique vases on your top table! Will will half fill them both with water. Perfect for putting the Bridal Bouquet and the Maid of Honour’s bouquet in! We will also fill our old-fashioned dainty wooden flower baskets full of flowers for you and position it somewhere perfect to add to the brightness of your day!

Special Touches

Special Touches