Hereford Wedding River Maiden Package


♥      Your arrival to the venue includes the option of arriving by Rowing Boat     

♥      Ceremony in the Garden Room     

♥      Drinks Reception on the Wye Terrace Balcony (or upgrade to a drinks reception in the Charles’ Bar)    

      Meal in the Wye Terrace Ball Room     

♥      Disco in either the Wye Terrace Ball Room or in the Garden Room     


You and your Maid of Honour on the River Wye in a Traditional Wooden Boat. Your true love and your mesmerised guests watch in Wonder from the balcony. Your bridesmaids hold your dress and The Left Bank Village Oarsman holds your boat steady while you (gracefully!) step onto land and your photographer takes the Best Ever Photo taken at a wedding!

The Idyllic garden room is waiting for you. We’ve already dressed it for you with Peach Roses climbing a wooden trellis, a Pastel Blue registrar’s desk, antique card box and some sweet little Gardening scene vintage wallpaper. The rest is all your vision coming to life. Stand in front of your guests with just one beautiful window between the two of you and the River

For drinks, your guests can mingle outside on our Glorious balconies. When you are ready, the doors are opened to the Ball Room. Sunlit paradise, with all your tables dressed just as you like. The bar is ornately carved in wood into Wedding Ribbons and the curtains are made from the finest of Creamy Cotton.


Cool blues, white, cream, terracotta and river glistening loveliness.


River Maiden Weddings