That Special Meal

The great thing about The Left Bank Village is that we have so much space for the ceremony and the drinks reception, your guests do not need to enter your ball-room where all the tables are decorated until that moment when they are called to be seated for your Special Meal.

Give people 15 minutes or so to get themselves organised and work out where they are sitting (we have an antique easel for you to put your seating plan on!). Then when everybody is seated comfortable, we have a microphone on standby, so that your master of ceremonies can call for hush and make that big announcement. If you don’t know what I am talking about, this is when the bride and groom (using their new titles) are welcomed into the ball-room with much whooping and cheering!

At this point you might want to get your speeches out of the way or you might want to wait until a little bit more liquid lubrication has taken place and do the speeches at the end of the meal. The Father of The Bride, Groom and Best Man traditionally make speeches, but you don’t have to stick to this format. We recommend 10 minutes each as a helpful guideline, but they can be as short or as long as you like! If you’d like, we can hand out a Prosecco toasting drink to each of your guests, just before the speeches begin. Or for something a bit more unusual, everyone can be given a shot of something a bit stronger instead!

Right, so the meal!

Offering catering from Herefordshire’s finest chefs, we can serve up some proper posh nosh. We have three diverse sample menus which are refined, tasteful and complete with food that is delicately and ornamentally prepared with an extremely fine blend of flavours. For something a bit different, choose our rustic buffet. The De Koffie Pot kitchen can lay out the most varied overflowing beautiful french banquet style rustic buffet you’ve ever seen. Artisan breads, quiches and lots lots more make up this truly mouth-watering spread as well as a spread of cakes so beautiful, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Or maybe a vintage afternoon tea is what takes your fancy. If you want everything to feel very girly, very antique and very British, this will be perfect for you! Delicate sandwiches, traditional afternoon tea savouries and a selection of sweets.

A Selection of our Wedding Breakfast Menus

Three Course Menus

  • Traditional Three Course Menu (Old Bridge Menu) £40 a head. To read the menu, click here.
  • Formal Banqueting Three Course Menu (Victoria Menu). £50 a head. To read the menu, click here.

Rustic Buffet (made in house by De Koffie Pot):  £35 a head. To read the menu click here.

Vintage Golda Afternoon Tea: £38 a head. To read the menu, click here.

Hot Buffet: £30 a head. To read the menu, click here

Cold Buffet: £28 a head. To read the menu, click here

Street Food Buffet: Coming soon! Please enquire

Kid’s Menu: £16 a head. To read the menu, click here.